2019-05-17 12:52 #0 by: Evelina

There are several ways to promote green living in your home and reduce your climate impact, starting with your kitchen. Here are some tips to reduce your climate impact by buying environmentally friendly food options, being smart with water consumption, and using environmentally friendly products in your kitchen!

1. Save Water in the Kitchen 

  • Make sure the dishwasher is full before you run it.
  • Limit running water when doing the dishes by hand. 
  • Reuse water that you used for cooking pasta for your garden. 

2. Use Environmentally Friendly Dish Soap 

  • Most stores sell dish soap and hand soaps that are friendly to the environment, or you can make your own 
  • Toxins from dish soap can harm nearby water sources and marine life systems. 

3. Limit Foods That Contribute to the Production of High Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

  • You can find information about the carbon footprint of foods here
  • Generally, animal based foods, including beef, diary, eggs and fish,  have higher greenhouse gas emissions. Vegan and plant based meals are great for reducing your climate impact.
  • However, it is also important to think about how far away your food is coming from. Buying local produce has a much less impact on the environment than buying something from across the world. 

4. Limit Use of Re-usable Plastics by Purchasing Re-usable Glass Food Containers, and Alternatives to Plastic Bags and Plastic Wrap

  • Save glass jars from food items and use them for storing bulk foods, such as nuts, rice, beans and more. 
  • Use glass jars and glass food containers instead of plastic bags. 
  • Find an alternative to plastic wrap, such as Bee's Wax - Bee's Wrap Sustainable Food Storage 
  • Use Eco-Friendly trash bags. Better yet, reduce your waste

5. Reduce your Trash Waste to Save the Environment 

  • If you can, compost your kitchen scraps. Some cities have options for this. If you have a backyard, make a compost. There are even apartment-sized compost options. 
  • Use re-usable shopping bags when shopping, even while you're shopping. Stop using those small plastic bags to put your produce in!
  • Buy in bulk to limit the amount of plastic packaging. 
  • Don't buy paper towels and use re-usable clothes for cleaning your kitchen. 
  • Use small washable cloth napkins to eat at the table with instead of paper napkins. 
  • Use scrub brushes and sponges made with renewable materials, such as wood, etc. 
  • Lastly, always, always recycle!

Do you have any more tips to share? Have any links to share with more information on climate saving kitchen hacks and products? Comment below!