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2019-03-23, 00:48

Being Eco-Friendly at Home

Youtube, Madeline Olivia, shares 25 simple ways to be Eco-friendly at home.

I found this video is very insightful, there is a myth that there is no difference between composting food and sending it to landfill. Madeline explains that waste is buried in a landfill does not receive oxygen, it will produce methane, a greenhouse gas.

If you're serious about living greener, my top tip is to not rush to do all these 25 things at once. If you do, you will most likely get frustrated and give up. Do one thing at a time, day by day and start building habits so you're more likely to follow through.

Do you do any of these things now? Is there any you are going to start doing?

All the best, Leia

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2022-02-07, 15:57

These are the things I could tick off of the list for our household:

  1. We have a renewable energy provider,
  2. We have a smart energy meter.
  3. We have LED light bulbs everywhere.
  4. We use rechargeable batteries.
  5. We do some composting.
  6. We use almost only natural cleaning products.
  7. I try to hang clothes outside to breathe instead of putting them in the washing machine to refresh them.
  8. We have draft excluders in doors and windows.
  9. We repair as much as possible and build things from leftovers when possible.
  10. We heat most of the house with a heat pump and we plan to get another one for the rest of the house this year.
  11. We get second hand things often.
  12. Off and on we grow herbs in the kitchen and fruits and berries in the garden.
  13. We try to be vegan and vegetarian as much as possible.
  14. Whenever possible we buy locally.
  15. My wife often cook large batches of food.
  16. We leave large parts of the garden un-mowed to make it appealing to bees and other insects.
  17. We use reusable cloths and rags instead of single-use paper ones whenever practical.
  18. We have low consumption water taps and shower heads.
  19. We have the boiler set at the lowest temperature that doesn't risk it getting bacteria growing.
  20. We use a dishwasher for almost everything, including pots and pans, and always fill it up.
  21. We mostly read ebooks or second-hand books. And if we buy new we try to pass them on when finished.
  22. We get mostly paper-less bills. The few that are paper we recycle or use to start fires.

22 of 25 is quite good. 🙂 We also do things that were not on the list. These are some I got off the top of my head:

  • We have installed solar panels on our roof. They produce electricity to cover about half of our current power use. We hope to lower the consumption further by making the heating more efficient.
  • We have an electric car to minimize pollution and partly run it on electricity that we produce with solar panels.
  • We have intelligent heating (Ngenic Tune) that optimizes the use of electricity while keeping a comfortable temperature.
  • We partly heat the house with a wood stove during winter to lower electricity bills.
  • We keep the temperature in bedrooms lower than in the rest of the house.
  • We have smart lighting in the whole house and in the garden. It is activated and de-activated by our presence, sunrise & sunset, or voice control.
  • We run dishwasher and washing machine when electricity is cheap (like nighttime).
  • The car is automatically charged when prices are lowest.
  • We always run the car in Eco Pro mode and drive slow to save battery and extend range. Often we get 10 kilometers out of one kWh during summer. 🙂
  • We recycle glass, plastic, paper, metal, and food waste.
  • We return soda cans and other bottles for reuse or recycling.
  • We borrow and lend tools, machines, and other things from friends and family instead of buying.
  • We give away or sell things we no longer need.
  • We try to continuously purge our belongings to own as little as possible.
  • We have a goal of getting rid of two things for everything we get new.
  • We almost exclusively buy organic and cook without additives.

Do you do anything that is not on the list? It would be interesting to learn.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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