2019-05-17 21:00 #0 by: Leia

Today I want to talk about Coral Reefs!

Coral plays such a vital role in the overall health of the ocean.  Due to global warming, pollution, overfishing or other human activities half of the coral reefs worldwide are dead or already condemned. If we do nothing, by the year 2050 all coral reefs could be dead and this will impact the way we live.

 So today I want to draw attention to a couple of guys from French Polynesia that started up an initiative to grow and breed coral to plant back in the ocean. These guys also teach people about the importance of our oceans and keeping them healthy through conferences, interactions and public school visits! 

You can support the Coral Gardeners buy visiting their website and adopting your own piece of coral! You can name your coral, they'll plant it and you'll receive an adoption certificate stating its  GPS coordinates. If enough corals are adopted, together they will be able to create a new coral reef on the beautiful island of Moorea in French Polynesia. Alternatively, you can get involved in their cause by joining their mailing list here and become a member of the Coral Gardeners Family.

Here are four quick things you can do to help Coral Reefs:

1) Don't use a sunscreen with harmful chemicals when swimming in the Ocean or around coral.

2) Try your best to reduce plastic usage.

3) Reduce your seafood intake ( a lot of seafood is caught unsustainably and our seafood consumption right now is too much for the ocean to handle).

4) Do not touch the coral when you're snorkelling!